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What to Expect on a Cruise: Onboard Spending

What is not included in my cruise fare? On most cruise ships, alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees, meals in alternative restaurants (and associated gratuities), spa treatments, Internet, purchases in the onboard...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

What’s Up Down Under?

Australia’s biggest ever summer cruise season has begun! The first ship to reposition from the Northern Hemisphere was Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Solstice, which arrived in Sydney in the early hours...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

What to Expect on a Cruise: Getting Around on a Cruise Ship

How do I get between decks on a cruise ship? You fly! No, we kid. Most cruise ships have banks of stairs and elevators at three crucial positions: at the...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

What to Expect on a Cruise: Things to Know About Cruise Ships

  I know that my ship will have places to sleep, places to eat and a swimming pool. What other fun places can I check out? Cruise ships are designed...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

What to Expect on a Cruise: Drink Packages on Cruises

I want to buy drinks on my cruise. Is there a way I can prepay for all my drinks so I pay one price instead of per drink? Yes, you...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

What to Expect on a Cruise: Internet Onboard

Will I be able to connect to the Internet on my cruise ship?   Most cruise ships, with the exception of a handful of very basic expedition ships in off-the-beaten-track...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

6 Cruise Line Private Islands

Cruise line private islands offer uncomplicated beach days for cruisers. Though you’re on land, the experience is an extension of the onboard one; it’s more of a private, white-washed resort...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Best Cruise Ship Alternative Restaurants

Eating well at a great restaurant is one of life’s finest indulgences, whether it’s leave-you-speechless haute cuisine or greasy, salty guilty pleasures. The good news for cruisers is you don’t...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Booking a Cruise Onboard: How to Score Extras and Discounts

If you’re like us, you’ve inevitably breezed past your cruise ship’s onboard sales office, ignoring the colorful brochures and promises of booking incentives. Why waste time planning your next cruise...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Best Cruise Ship Spas

As you lie on a massage table, legs tucked into a soft sheet, hot stones soothing the tired muscles of your back and arms, you will most certainly not be...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Is a Cruise Line Credit Card for You?

Most consumers, especially those who travel frequently, are familiar with airline-affiliated credit cards, through which you earn free mileage based on how much you charge to your card. But if...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Best Cruise Ship Bars

Opinions about cruising’s best bars vary like the color of cocktails. One passenger’s top-shelf piano lounge might be another’s to-be-avoided dive. We all have our favorites: levitating lounges, pubs with...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Cruise Line Loyalty Programs

Love cruising? Did you know that if you sail multiple times with the same cruise line, you can be rewarded for your loyalty with complimentary drinks, specialty dining, internet and...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Onboard Credit: How to Get It, Where to Spend It

Free. Money. Are there two more beautiful words in the English language? While money doesn’t grow on trees, increasingly it can be found somewhere else — on the high seas....
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