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Grand Circle vs. Vantage River Cruises

On the value end of the river cruise spectrum, Grand Circle Cruise Line and Vantage Deluxe World Travel arose with similar missions and do have some similarities. In recent years,...
3 uker siden · Les bloggen

What Makes The World’s Most Luxurious Cruise Ship So Luxurious?

    Regent Seven Seas is calling its newest vessel, Seven Seas Explorer, the «World’s Most Luxurious Cruise Ship.» It’s a completely subjective claim but it does make us wonder:...
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10 Reasons Why Carnival Splendor Is the Cruise Ship for You

Carnival’s «Fun Ships» pledge fun for everyone and earn high marks indeed for their cross-generational appeal. The cheery and flashy 3,006-passenger Carnival Splendor is no exception, and as one of...
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Trends in Cruise Ship Cabin Design

  Cruise ship cabins don’t always have the best reputation. We’ve heard the complaints: They’re too small, the bathrooms are too cramped, there’s not enough storage space, etc. Passengers who...
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How to Pick a Cruise Line Part 3

  Best for Night Owls Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian ships have an array of bars and lounges, from the bordello-meets-bowling-themed Bliss Ultra Lounge to Getaway’s Sugarcane Mojito Bar and other...
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Tulipanblomstringen i Holland 27. april til 3. mai 2017

Bli med Smaalenenes Avis og Rakkestad Avis på tur til Holland og Tulipanblomstringen. Tulipanblomstringen kommer hvert år til samme tid. Uberørt av at våren kan komme sent eller tidlig, er tulipanene der...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

How to Pick a Cruise Line Part 2

Best for a Splurge Regent Seven Seas Cruises This luxury line might be the most inclusive line out there. Its fares are astronomical, but they include pre-cruise hotel stays, nearly...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

2 dagers shoppingtur til Charlottenberg 6. til 7. mai 2017

Bli med på en 2 dagers tur til Charlottenberg, med god tid til litt svenskehandel. Vi reiser fra Tynset på morgenen lørdag og returnerer fra Charlottenberg midt på dagen søndag,...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

How to Pick a Cruise Line

Sitting down to pick the right cruise for your next vacation is like going to a speed-dating event. You can’t take all day getting to know someone, but you need...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

Best Family-Friendly Cruise Ship Cabins

Choosing the right cabin is tricky under any circumstance — choosing the perfect room (or set of rooms) for a large family or one with young children is even harder....
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

Secrets the Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You

  Cruise ship life can be a little mysterious. Your choices aren’t always spelled out in black and white. The more you cruise, the more you pick up on the...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

Best Cruises for Teens

Teenagers, those hard-to-please opinion leaders, are in hot demand by the cruise industry. Both surveys and anecdotal evidence suggest that parents in search of a pleasant vacation would do well...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

Cruisers Being Punished for Shopping Around?

  Consumers need to be wary of booking cruises on U.S. sites as the shipping lines reserve the right to deny boarding at check-in if they find that travellers are...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

Family Cruise Tips.

Two million kids younger than 15 sailed the high seas in 2013 on lines that are members of the Cruise Lines International Association Industry. To attract and keep that many...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Cruiseaholics: Why Cruising Is Ruining the Australian Traveller

Australian holidays are changing. Some locals are becoming so addicted to the cruise life that they’re turning their backs on land-based trips and heading out to sea. The biggest cruise...
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