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How Small Is a Small Ship — and Which Luxury Cruise Ship Size Is Right for You?

  You can be forgiven if you think that a 2,000-passenger cruise ship is «small.» Relatively speaking, it is small when compared to the world’s largest mega-ship, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony...
1 uke siden · Les bloggen

Best Cruise Ship Spas

As you lie on a massage table, legs tucked into a soft sheet, hot stones soothing the tired muscles of your back and arms, you will most certainly not be...
1 uke siden · Les bloggen

Best Family-Friendly Cruise Ship Cabins

  Choosing the right cabin is tricky under any circumstance — choosing the perfect room (or set of rooms) for a large family or one with young children is even...
1 uke siden · Les bloggen

12 Things Not to Do in Your Cruise Room

  Your cruise ship room — or cabin — is your personal haven at sea. You can go there to escape the pool deck and buffet crowds, or invite friends...
1 uke siden · Les bloggen

Is a Cruise Line Credit Card for You?

Most consumers, especially those who travel frequently, are familiar with airline-affiliated credit cards, through which you earn free mileage based on how much you charge to your card. But if...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Find the Best Cruise Line or Cruise Ship for Your Next Cruise

Find the Best Cruise Line or Cruise Ship for Your Next Cruise Wondering what’s the best cruise for you to take? From the best ships for your family and friends...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Cruise Line Loyalty Programs

Love cruising? Did you know that if you sail multiple times with the same cruise line, you can be rewarded for your loyalty with complimentary drinks, specialty dining, internet and...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Bottoms Up! A Guide to Cruise Line All-You-Can-Drink Packages

First it was a trend — now it’s here to stay: Mainstream cruise lines have embraced all-inclusive drinks packages. Found somewhere between the ubiquitous soda packages and the included-in-your-fare booze...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Best Cruise Ship Bars

Opinions about cruising’s best bars vary like the color of cocktails. One passenger’s top-shelf piano lounge might be another’s to-be-avoided dive. We all have our favorites: levitating lounges, pubs with...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

12 Best Cruises for First Timers

  Planning my first cruise, I felt as overwhelmed as a child cut loose inside a toy store. There were too many choices, too much temptation and too many tears...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Onboard Credit: How to Get It, Where to Spend It

  Free. Money. Are there two more beautiful words in the English language? While money doesn’t grow on trees, increasingly it can be found somewhere else — on the high...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Best Cruise Ship Alternative Restaurants

Eating well at a great restaurant is one of life’s finest indulgences, whether it’s leave-you-speechless haute cuisine or greasy, salty guilty pleasures. The good news for cruisers is you don’t...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to a Luxury Cruise

  Thinking about making the leap from a mainstream mega-ship to a more intimate luxury vessel? With so many new ships of all kinds sailing the world’s waters, competition is...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

The 15 Best Small Cruise Ship Lines

If you long for the open ocean but bristle at the thought of all-night discos, thousand-seat dining rooms or congested Caribbean ports-turned-duty-free-shopping-malls, know this: not all cruise ships are vast,...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

How to Find the Best Cruise Bargains in 2017

      Predicting where and when savvy cruise shoppers are most likely to find dirt-cheap seven-night Caribbean cruises, elusive five-category upgrades or the best free-drinks-and-spending-money cruise packages requires a...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen


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