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Dua Lipa Is the Anti–Pop Star

Pop stars usually get a bad rap — they’re hard to deal with and even harder to please (cough, cough Mariah Carey) but Dua Lipa, whose name, fittingly means “love”...
9 timer siden · Les bloggen

Wedding Planners Reveal Their Wildest Wedding Moments

From the most tender moments to the horrendous, gasp-inducing mishaps and everything in between, wedding planners get a front-row seat to the wild ride of a client’s wedding. We wanted...
2 dager siden · Les bloggen

Steal these tricks from a professional makeup artist

We imagine a makeup artist as the fairy godmother/father we always wanted when we were younger. One swish of the makeup wand and suddenly you are a better version of...
4 dager siden · Les bloggen

Een dag minder voor New York Fashion Week

Het programma van New York Fashion Week wordt een dag ingekort. Dat heeft The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) besloten. De New Yorkse modeweek sluit nu af op...
1 uke siden · Les bloggen

What divorce taught me about relationships

I survived a divorce in 2015 with a two-year-old and a four-year-old underfoot and an emotional minefield to wade through. About 16 months after my former husband left, I spent...
1 uke siden · Les bloggen

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

Day Two of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week was quite removed from what one now expects from an institution that has risen to the top and has promised its audience...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

What happened when I cut back washing my hair to just once a week

  (Photo:simple prom dresses)I’ve got something I want to confess, and it’s not easy for me to say but I feel like I owe it to you – and everyone...
2 uker siden · Les bloggen

Apply red lipstick perfectly

  (Photo:long evening dresses)Sometimes all you need to take your look from drab to fab is a swipe of red lipstick. Ruby lip colours are continuing to be popular with...
3 uker siden · Les bloggen

Nicole Romano Launches “Futura” In Honor of Anthony Quinn Foundation

  (Photo:plus size prom dresses)For all my Haute Living fashionistas, this Thursday, April 6, mark your calendars for a special launch of the much anticipated, “FUTURA” collection by Nicole Romano....
3 uker siden · Les bloggen


Australia fell in love with it’s second Bachelorette, Georgia Love, when she graced our screens last year being serenading by men whilst we could watch from our living rooms. In...
3 uker siden · Les bloggen

Nicki Minaj signs to Wilhelmina Models

Nicki Minaj is «thrilled» to have signed a contact with Wilhelmina Models. The 34-year-old rapper is familiar with the modelling world, having previously fronted campaigns for the likes of Roberto...
4 uker siden · Les bloggen

Maisy Kay Answers TWIST’s 20 Questions

  (Photo:MarieProm UK)1. What’s your earliest makeup memory? My earliest makeup memory was going over to my Nan’s house when I was about 6, and insisting to put on her...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

A green code for fashion

  (Photo:white prom dresses)For 30 years now, one Indian apparel brand has been endeavouring towards implementing sustainable practices. In 2007, Cottonworld was one of the first of its peers to...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Dhwani sets the right tone

This Rajasthani beauty has 10 films to her credit, across several languages — Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam. She is finally creating waves with her critically-acclaimed film Dhwani which was...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen

Making prom dreams come true

  (Photo:yellow prom dresses)As teen girls stepped in front of the mirror, it was like a scene from a movie. Standing with growing smiles on their faces, and possibly a...
1 måned siden · Les bloggen


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